Monday, July 20, 2009

Random Tidbits About Keo

This is just a random list of things I love:

God. breathing. perfume. scented candles. crosses. leopard print. progress. traveling. ichat. starbucks. Fresh Prince. arizona tea. twitter. philosophical discussions. JWM <3. Marc by Marc. fresh sneakers. Lebron. fashion. success. change. pictures. chipotle. Nike Dunks. Kimora Lee. life. Elle. vblogs. fierceness. happiness. the pursuit thereof. YBF. changing the world. TangySweet. fun. garish simplicity. Paris. newness. kate spade. Hello Kitty. faith. life. WWD. laughter. bbm. pedicures. tattoos. pretty dresses. my mom's cooking. ihop. American Apparel Deep-V's. classy affairs. Khloe Kardashian. Disney. Harry Potter. Ikea. Vogue. inspiration. smiles. spontaneity. summer afternoons. good advice. wingos. the Cavs. late night adventures. minnetonka boots. hippie headbands. TU Football. kidrobot. Mrs. Carter. stilettos. sharpies in every color. real talk. love.

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