Thursday, October 1, 2009

Good Hair!

I am so intrigued by the new Chris Rock Film "Good Hair" opening October 9th in theaters. There has been so much media hype surrounding this film. It has really got me thinking. I ask myself daily why I subscribe to the idea that in order to be happy I must wear weave, I understand that the ideas of beauty that the media has fed me for over 21 years have developed my perception of what is beauty. So yes, I do feel somewhat bound to the ideals of culture, but I do have a say in the matter. I am here because I like how I look. I like long hair (sometimes down to by butt) Do I like it because society tells me its nice? Probably, but I like it none the less. While it is a multi-billion dollar industry I honestly don't mind putting money into it because I appreciate the results. Good Hair? Bad Hair? I choose to use chemicals and weaves in my hair because it makes me happy, not oppressed, or trapped, or captive maybe as others feel. I'm about being happy and if that means natural or processed that is fine by me! Many people might see it as a struggle, but I consider it a labor of love.

Here's Solonge Knowles on Oprah taking about her decision to cut all her hair off:

Here's Nia Long talking on Chelsea Lately about weave:

Interesting. Interesting. Interesting.

Stay Fierce. Stay Fab.

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