Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Lipstick...Hot or Hype?

So by now we've all heard that Nicki Minaj has partnered with MAC to design her own lipstick named PINK FRIDAY (how After waking up on Black Friday at 3am and attempting to order this lipstick online and being told I need to come back next Friday because it was already sold out, I started to wonder. Pink Friday Lipstick: Hot or Hype? Nicki Minaj has an undeniable buzz right now and the lipstick is Limited Edition to celebrate the release of her album Pink Friday but is it worth the hype?

Pink Friday is described as a “bright creamy pink lipstick,” and it has a satin finish (which means it has a creamy, semi-matte finish–no shimmer). It is a a creamy, medium pink with a noticeable blue undertone. Dupes have been listed as Saint Germain and Snob, which in my opinon have both be come up short for WOC...especially darker skin tones.

I will attempt to place an order for this lipstick again this coming Friday, and I will be sure to put up swatches and let you know if it's hot or hype.



Muah! Keo

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