Friday, August 21, 2009

Shopping With A Cause

I am notorious for spending. I buy, buy, buy as if my life were dependent on it (and it's not always in my best financial But I promised the next purchase I made would be more that a fleeting fad or a throw away that I would be done with in the next week. I found it. The Rough Diamond & Malachite Green bracelet from the Green Initiative which is apart of the Simmons Jewelry Company. It is 10 mm Genuine Malachite Beads stretch bracelet, rough diamond in diamond shaped charm and proceeds benefit the Diamond Empowerment Fund (DEF) whose mission is to raise money for the development and empowerment of the people and communities in Africa where diamonds are a natural resource. The Diamond Empowerment Fund is non-profit international organization established by individuals and businesses in the diamond industry and others who are committed to empowerment of Africa. It's fierce and it goes to help others so that definitely will make it $125 well spent.

Stay Fierce. Stay Fab.

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